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As well as its own publishing activities dashdot offers a range of other services to other writers and authors - in written English and related to management, particularly project management and business.

Dashdot has provided editing, proofreading and wordsmithing services for websites, books, prequalification questionnaires, reports, brochures, academic papers, composite multi-sourced documents, etc.

Such material can be short or extensive; timescales can be very short or extended over long periods; the focus can be narrow or wide ranging.

Questions that have arisen include:

What is the best turn-of-phase?

How can the text be fine-tuned?

What is the difference between verification and validation or would another word be better?

Where should apostrophes be inserted or omitted?

Is the message concise, succinct, clear?

Or is it digressive, garrulous and protracted?

Does the publication do what it says in the title?

Is it the right title?

Dashdot can offer contributions, corrections and comments on such issues - for consideration, adoption, adaptation and rejection.

As a rule of thumb a third of suggestions will be directly acceptable and helpful, a third will be inappropriate and set aside and a third may stimulate something else which is not quite the suggestion but is better.

Remuneration follows the dashdot principles and reflects value, relationships and the ability to pay.

Reciprocation and barter have been known to occur.

For more information on editing, proofreading, wordsmithing and similar services please contact dashdot.


A European project management association requested a review of the written English sections on their website. The prompt review by dashdot took in vocabulary, phrasing and punctuation which added consistency, precision and clarity.

Sustainability Assessment method for Projects
The university researchers of this comprehensive original method requested a review of their draft report. The review covered the structure of the report, clarity to users of the methods and their applications and consistency of terminology. Several iterations resulted in a polished accessible document.

Project Management Book - on Sustainability
This large extensive book was produced by knowledgeable authors whose first language was not English. Initially they requested a reference. However in reading the manuscript to prepare such a reference it became clear that certain improvements may be offered. Suggestions covered structure, chapter titles and sizes, consistency of title into contents and through to conclusions, use of wider technical and managerial vocabulary. The book is now in print - and reads well for contents, style and pace .

Prequalification Questionnaires
A necessary process in modern day procurement - PQQs and Invitations to Tender (ITT) can be tricky. Dashdot has worked extensively on individual questions, specific enquiries, supporting policies and procedures, analysis of previous submissions, considerations of feedback, areas for improvement - to answer the questions asked, assist the markers / readers in their roles, build a positive picture, optimise scores so as to be shortlisted and selected.

Writing reports can be hard work - by individuals, by teams, by committees - and timetables can be pressurised. But what is its purpose? What will be success? What next? Dashdot has supported individuals and groups to achieve their targets - from verbal engagement only through to comprehensive "red penning" of texts and graphics.

Brochures and Commercial Documentation
Brochures can be a nightmare! They need to cover the 10 second elevator pitch and at the same time provide full technical specifications. They need to demonstrate confidence, assurance and stability and at the time indicate originality and flexibility. Sometimes the company writers are close to and too familiar with their services or products. Dashdot can provide an independent view as various types of readers as well as empathise with the authors.

Academic Papers
Academic papers need to follow a strict format of presentation and particular methods of research yet often they do not convey the energy of the authors nor do they make the material as interesting as it might be. A thorough proof reading by dashdot can sometimes bring deserved life and perception to an otherwise lifeless and impenetrable paper.

Composite Multi-sourced Documents
An example of a composite document might be a higher education course curriculum made up of pieces from various sources, by various lecturers, in various styles, from various times. Dashdot has taken such multi-sourced material and edited it to provide a homogenous, engaging, positive, persuasive assembly.

For more information on editing, proofreading, wordsmithing and similar services please contact dashdot.