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Gosh! Asking for extra fees is not something that comes easily to many architects and other construction professionals – as individuals and in organisations.

Certainly obtaining additional fees efficiently and effectively is becoming really important and absolutely necessary for the survival, prosperity and morale of many organisations, small and large.

The following individual and combinations of consultancy services from dashdot endeavour to stimulate and assist people in practices to get their acts together when it comes to securing extra fees:

1. CPD type modules explaining extra fees – for up to say 1.5 hours; usually inhouse location; with delegate numbers to suit studio / practice size and CPD arrangements.

2. Training Courses on extra fees – half-day; with exercises, handouts and copies of book on “Extra Fees”; for a few up to a dozen attendees who have particular interests or responsibilities for extra fees.

3. Internal Research on extra fees – a facilitated primer, in workshop format; on useful scope, methods and criteria for internal data collection concerning extra fees; say two hours; for those requiring and undertaking the research to go away and do it.

4. Analysis of Research & Reviews of extra fees – independent analysis and separate report by dashdot; and/or collective dialogue; of collected research material (following on from 3 above); to obtain lessons learned, recommendations and actions; with those who wish to optimise arrangements for extra fees, and related matters, within the practice, based on evidence.

5. Advice – on practice-wide standardised procedures, systems, checklists, etc; existing or new; for tackling extra fees; for consistency, clarity, efficiency and effectiveness; linked to Quality Assurance as appropriate; assisting with implementation and applications.

6. Coaching & Commentaries – on real, live project and relationship situations, related to extra fees on commissions – with project staff and their line managers.

7. “NegMent” – Negotiation Mentoring – including for extra fees; for prospective or current internal guru panels, groups or individuals who may advise and guide others in the front line for such matters; exploration of NegMent with exercises; set up of arrangements for NegMent; with support and encouragement in application.

These events and services are probably best undertaken face-to-face, but virtual and remote arrangements can be considered, and for ongoing involvements. Variations and combinations of the above can be considered.

Charges for these consultancy services can be lump sums, or hourly rates, with ceiling figures which will not be exceeded without written confirmation. Short exploratory conversations on these options and extra fee scenarios are available at no charge.

These services are managed by Tom Taylor of dashdot, an experienced project manager and author, including a book on “Extra Fees” (2022).

Please also visit dashdotpublications.co.uk